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OwnerTabaluga Enterprises
AgencyProSiebenSat.1 Licensing
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Target GroupKids aged between 4 and 12
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© 2013 Tabaluga GmbH
Tabaluga basiert auf einer Idee von Peter Maffay, Gregor Rottschalk, Rolf Zuckowski und Helme Heine
© 2009 STUDIO100 MEDIA

Tabaluga is a family brand. He has been created for children and people still young at heart and thus he is just a member of the family.

Tabaluga promotes timeless values. Doing so, he provides what our modern society desperately needs. On his journey of life Tabaluga makes all too human experiences like friendship, love, and hatred. His approach and his stories provide guidance, topics of conversation, and therapeutic and educational impulses to promote awareness among future generations. At the same time Tabaluga is real family entertainment. He stands for the following values:

  • Children and family
  • Education and equal opportunities
  • Social competence, guidance and fairness
  • Strengthen the weak
  • Non-violence
  • A conscious lifestyle, nature, environmental concern and careful resource management
  • Friendship and love
  • Equal rights and equal treatment – irrespective of religious beliefs
  • A healthy diet
  • Fun and joy of life
  • Activities and sports
  • Empathy

Thanks to the diversity of values Tabaluga soon became a protector and advocate of the weak and role model of the foundation for traumatized children. Thanks to the support of sponsors the foundation creates space and opportunities to meet each other, to learn about values, to overcome prejudices and live together in mutual respect – irrespective of origin or religious beliefs.

With the help of selected partners, royalties, and donations, Tabaluga strives to fund and ensure long-term success for the activities and projects of the Peter Maffay Foundation.

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